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The basis of an excellent business partnership consists of a transparent exchange of information. We place particular value on reliable and innovative as well as quality-conscious suppliers and service providers. We set fair standards for our suppliers in terms of their social, ecological and economic responsibility. As part of our corporate responsibility, we expect our partners to comply with at least the following requirements:

Social and ethical requirements for our partners

  • Respect for human rights and compliance with applicable labour Regulations in the manufacture of products or in the provision of services.
  • No discrimination, forced labour or child labour
  • No form of corruption or bribery
  • Acting ethically

Ecological requirements for our partners

  • Environmental protection and energy efficiency along the entire production 
  • Responsible use of resources and waste disposal
  • Resource efficiency

Economic and cooperative requirements for our partners

  • Economic stability
  • Interest in long-term business cooperation
  • Competitive prices at world market level
  • Transparent and conscientious exchange of information
  • Innovative ability and quality awareness
  • Reliability and performance orientation
  • Support in the development of technical solutions
  • Competitive and energy-efficient production processes



Each location has an independent purchasing department that coordinates and implements overarching procurement activities with other AUNDE locations to create an optimal purchasing network. This combination of decentralised departments and overarching teams creates the necessary flexibility and know-how bundling in AUNDE's purchasing structure.



These terms and conditions are part of all contracts concluded with our suppliers and contractors ( in the following uniformly referred to as "Supplier"), also in current or future business relations. Deviating agreements, in particular contradictory terms and conditions of our suppliers, require our express written consent in order to become part of the contract. This also applies if we accept deliveries and/or services without express objection to deviating general terms and conditions of the supplier.


Applicable documents

In addition to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase, the AUNDE documents listed below and available for download apply.

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