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Textile Surfaces

Technical textiles are our passion. Our global network of over 500 designers and developers is constantly working closely with our customers to create new and innovative designs and technologies.



Using our customized machines, AUNDE is able to offer the full range of textile technologies in variable configuration options. In addition to our core technologies - textiles, knitting, weaving and TexLeather (innovative artificial leather) - our portfolio also contains woven velvets, non-woven and raschel.



Our two sustainable product lines, TexBlue (recycled material) and TexGreen (textile made from renewable raw materials), are already in series production.


Surface Finishes

To make basic materials more interesting, AUNDE offers over ten different surfaces finishes which allow for individualization of the textile.


Smart Textiles

In addition to our surface finishes, we offer a wide range of options for function integration, such as technical coatings or the integration of electronics.