AUNDE is a specialist in flock and spun-dyed, air-textured polyester yarns. The yarns are specified to the highest requirements of the vehicle manufacturers, hence meeting the demands of these customers.
In addition to the existing colour charts, individual colours can be produced – allowing for the shortest development times – even for small quantities.

AUNDE is among the leaders in woven fabric, warp knitting and circular knitting.
Product variations in woven fabric include flat weaves and velour. Knitted fabrics in the form of smooth and velour-like chain knits, pol knits and loom velour are produced. The AUNDE group offer circular knits as flat circular knits and velour knits. All fabrics are developed project specific including its requirements.

Creation of surfaces
AUNDE has developed methods to creatively design surfaces.
TEXTRIM – is a three-dimensional surface creation
TEXTAB – is the application of various materials to the surface, to reach more creative and/or functional effects.

Seat Covers
The package of automobile seat covers enhances the achievement spectrum of the AUNDE group. The seat covers are made of textile, vinyl and leather. Through very close cooperation with the automobile manufacturers and the systems suppliers, the exacting requirements of the seat covers are optimally implemented, from their development through to their production. The application of the latest technology aids in the cutting out and sewing of individual pieces of the seat covers, thus ensuring the cost effectiveness and quality advantages for the customers.