Founded as a general partnership on 1st March 1899, the title being issued on the 1st April 1899, the concentration wa placed on mechanical weaving in textiles for men and the corresponding preparation, such as winding and twisting. The company started with 12 looms in rented premises Möchengladbach. Thanks to its great success, its factory establishment was built on the Waldnieler Street in 1908. The production was carried out on 87 looms and the twisting, finishing, milling and washing were integrated into the company. A mere five years later, 150 looms were churning the production out.

In 1927, the company was considered to be the largest, privately owned textile company in Mönchengladbach, employing 500 skilled workers. Even at such an early date, the company had started manufacturing automotive textiles, alongside the other fabrics.

In the 1950s, the cooperation with all major automobile manufacturers was expanded and fortified.
The 1980s marked further advances in the globalisation in the automotive industry. 1982 heralded the birth of the internationalisation of AUNDE, with the building of the plant in Barcelona.

Today, the AUNDE group supplies all the major automobile manufacturers.