Company Profile

Founded in 1899, AUNDE commenced specialising in the development and production of upholstery and technical textiles for the automotive industry, as early as 1920.

Ever increasing globalisation of the automotive industry brought about the birth of the internationalisation of Achter & Ebels, which   subsequently led to the single company becoming the AUNDE Group.

In the 1986, with the takeover of the Spanish seat producer, Esteban,  further development of the company took place, thus becoming a system supplier of complete vehicle seats. Worldwide, Esteban manufactures seat configurations for cars, jeeps, vans and minibuses, as well as passenger seats for buses and other public transport.

In 1991, AUNDE took over the major share of the German company, ISRINGHAUSEN, and so the group grew to becoming the leading global player in this branch. In Lemgo, where the ISRINGHAUSEN headquarters are based, they concentrate on the development and manufacture of seat systems for commercial vehicles, using state of the art scientific ergonometric evaluations. The seats are produced in 18 countries. In addition, ISRINGHAUSEN makes technical springs for valves and gearboxes in separate plants.

The AUNDE Group, including the brands AUNDE, ISRINGHAUSEN und FEHRER, stand currently at more than 100 plants in 27 countries worldwide. The Group belongs to the elite top 100 largest among the automobile suppliers in the world. The perfection of its internationalisation is a worthy challenge for the AUNDE Group for the years to come.